Trending Pyjama Styles

Everybody wants to have a cute set of personalized pyjamas that reflects their personal style. They should be cosy as well as make a fashion statement in your nightly routine. This upcoming trend is based on your choice to dress up before sleep in something that will make you feel luxurious. As people are staying home right now, all most all of the time, they are looking forward to wearing comfortable clothes such as pyjamas and luxury loungewear, which gives both function and comfort while staying indoors as well. So, pyjamas are now becoming a mainstream fashion item. There are several designers working on many new styles and with different textiles to match every consumer’s desire. These pyjamas are now being made with different fabrics as well so that the nightwear can also be used as trendy streetwear as well. The comfort of fabrics used for pyjamas also guarantees versatility, which is why designers and consumers are able to adapt them easily to make them more wearable.

Variations in Pyjamas

Popular pyjamas include nightgowns, button-up pyjama sets and two-piece pant and singlet sets. In recent times, the length of the bottoms have been varied, with multiple layered tops to elevate the look. Women of any shape and size can purchase these pyjamas and enjoy the comfy wear with added style as well. 

Pyjamas – Stylish yet comfy

The recent runway shows have also showcased new trendy sleepwear collections. These beautiful designs have led to consumers to be inspired by these nightwear styles. As these sleepwear items are required throughout all seasons, big fashion houses have already started selling and manufacturing these garment for future seasons. Top trends include pyjamas with multiple layers, camisoles, and sets where the pyjamas can also be worn as outwear wear if styled properly.

For all occasions

So, to match consumer tastes, these fashion houses manufacturer loungewear that would suit lounging around the house, running errands and doing the weekly grocery shop. These pyjamas can be casual wear on the street when styled appropriately, as well as home wear with all the comfort in the world. This trend is common for top models and socialites who have to keep up with their style, but still want to stay comfortable. 

Silk Pyjamas

Pyjamas are also designed in solid silk and are extremely luxurious and expensive looking. There are even companies that are offering services to personalize your own pair of silk pyjamas. You can now get your initials or name embroidered on items such as PJ sets, silk pillowcases and silk sleeping masks. This cute style is not a new trend, but it is a timeless and classic option. Silk pyjamas have many benefits including being great for your skin. Silk pillowcases can be beneficial for your hair as it does not snap hair, which can lead to split ends. Silk is also unable to retain bacteria, therefore it will not cause skin problems such as acne.

Solid Pyjamas

Solid pyjamas with bold colours like dark blue and red are also making the headlines with their bold fashion statement. Striped pyjamas are commonly worn by many celebrities. You can always add a bold red lipstick when wearing your loungewear out of the house and balance this look with minimal eye makeup, classic accessories and a simple hairstyle. Boldly printed pyjamas can be a great way of combining comfort and fashion when paired with sneakers, sunglasses and accessories. You can also roll up the sleeves of your pyjama shirt for an extra edge. As people start to value comfort as they continue to stay at home, luxury loungewear and pyjamas are something that everyone should invest in this season.

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