Getting your Retail Store to Stand Out


Competition is good, and it means there are more options for the customers out there. It can be a challenge for the shop owners too. It could backfire, and you can end up not standing out well at all. Did you know there are simple things that can make your shop stand out from the rest?

First things first, you need to change your mindset. The secret is to be different. It is different in a more fundamental way. You may need to start with the layout of your store. Does it need a revamp? Is it looking a little dull? Talk to a retail interior designer who can help you come up with ways to fix these issues.

Then focus on your products; create the same products but ensure they are very different. Consider sharing your items differently other than social media and websites. Create different images and be more creative instead of just modelling in your shop. There are so many ways that you can be different from the rest.

Do the opposite

Now it can be tempting to see a successful product and go out and make one similar. It seems to be selling like hotcakes, so why not try it? Creating a product that is selling well may generate sales for you in the short term, but it will just create a me-too brand for your business. This means you can become the generic brand out of the others, and it won’t be a lasting long-term good thing. There will be so many copying each other and doing the same something that customers will forget your brand amongst the rest.

So, you want to avoid being a me-too shop, but you want to keep up with the trends within the market. If a hair straightener comes out consider making one similar, but it can straighten wet hair. You can create the patterns that people are wanting but make it different from your competition. This means taking a good idea but turning the direction around. This means the product is unforgettable and will be desired within the market.

Outwork the competition 

Add more than your competitors like additional images, better descriptions, freebie and demo videos. The easiest way to make a shop stand out is to get people to spend more time with you, although decor and design within the store do make an impact too. When the customers are spending more time on your shop page, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

The best way to encourage people to stay on your page is to give them more useful, fresh, attention-grabbing content. You may think this is overkill, but it certainly isn’t if you are giving your customers plenty of reasons to buy via the material they will buy.

Getting personal

Are you aware that it can cost five times more to get a new vision to buy than to buy a customer? This means you can convince existing customers to buy more quickly than new customers who haven’t purchased anything.

Sending occasional messages about a product they might like can remind them you are still around without sounding like you are pressuring them. Follow potential customers on social media like Facebook and Instagram in a more meaningful way. When someone buys something ring or email them and ask what they thought would they buy again? Personal interaction can go a long way. This is a way to get people to reach out to you and remember your business when they are ready to buy something. It isn’t hard to stand out from the rest, but it will require more work, and it won’t happen overnight.

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