Fashion Trends: Sneakers!

You can make cool fashion statements with sneakers. This fashion trend matches with both casual and official apparels. In the past, most fashion enthusiasts saw sneakers as the elite choice for sports or social functions. However, the latest fashion trends have made sneakers to be perfect for every occasion. Let us go ahead and show you some sneaker trends to invest your resources.

red and white nike

Sometimes, sneakers can be considered to be so prestigious that they need to be kept in mint condition. Some collectors will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a limited release sneaker that had seemed to sell out. If you’re interested in collecting these sneakers or keeping an important pair to yourself in great condition with no damage, consider investing in art storage or if you’re feeling a little more extra, something that resembles a museum display!

Introduction to Early Sneakers

Sneakers started as canvas tops with thick soles in the late 18th century and were called ‘Plimsolls’. Before it was called trainers, the U.S. Rubber Company created a version that was called ‘Keds’. While Keds were worn for sports and exercises, the footwear attracted sales because of its unisex design. Also, this footwear has no left foot or right foot. Instead, it got a new name of ‘sneakers’ because the wearer could sneak up on someone or walk without making any noise with the floor. Converse All-Stars footwear is an example of the 1920s innovation of sneakers. When Marquis Converse came up with the redesign idea for this shoe, sportsmen, and women were happy. This brand is one of the fast-selling basketball and baseball footwear of all time.

The Converse All-Star Design

As one of the earlier sports and athletic footwear, Chuck Taylor’s endorsement around the soles of the All-Star makes it unique. Also, the sole is smooth on its sides but very rough at the front. The double stitch thread design, long laces, and variety of wild colors make the All-Star footwear different than other shoes. However, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe revolutionized the sneaker industry by making easy fit unisex footwear.

Nike Air Max 95 Design

The Nike Air Max Series of 1995 were the sneakers for that decade. Usually, the Nike Air 95 admirers could not notice when it got dirty. Nike and its sneaker technology introduced a mix of stain- resistant signature gradient colorways and other technical components. In the Air Max line, this sportswear was the favorite of basketball stars and teenagers. At night or in dark places, it’s easy to notice the reflection from Air Max 95’s neon colors on its mid-sole and lace loops. Keep an eye on the Nike release calendar for similar releases to this one.

Adidas Stan Smith Tennis Sneakers

During the ‘60s when Adidas first made these tennis sneakers, it was not a Stan Smith footwear. Being a tennis icon, Stan Smith took the place of Robert Haillet who had a deal with Adidas. The signature of Stan Smith is etched on the soft canvas of this pair of sneakers. Generally, gender neutral Adidas footwear that has comfortable soles also helps to reduce foot stress. However, it is difficult to see Adidas sneakers that come with built-in spring inside the soles.

Nike, vintage edition

The Air Jordan 1 Sneakers by Nike

Michael Jordan’s love for sneakers was consolidated by the Air Jordan 1’s design from Nike. As a trendsetter, Peter Moore designed this footwear with a high sense of ergonomics to make a statement in the sneaker industry. However, the designer (Peter Moore) has a history of re-branding Adidas sneakers with the famous three-stripe logo. The Air Jordan 1 also came with better cushioning and performance. Its performance thrilled basketball sneaker fanatics like the

Nike’s Air Force.

Why You Need Trendy Trainers Usually, physiotherapists recommend thick-sole sneakers for fitness enthusiasts and partying on dance floors. When you wear air-filled footwear, the soles help to bounce your weight off flat surfaces and cushion your landing steps. However, painful heels might trigger foot stress and increase your level of discomfort. Most luxury sneakers manufacturers like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas have designs that prioritize comfort and provide support for the wearer’s heel. Also, their modern high-end sneakers are customized to suit your professional or casual outfit.

Under Armour/PUMA

There has been a lot of recent attention drawn to brand such as; Under Armour and Puma. Although, their popularity may never rival that of Nike, Adidas, Converse and Jordan, these brands are still going to make the industry competitive. Expect to see a rise in sneaker culture and new technology continue to be added! Start saving that extra cash and treat yourself to a brand new pair of sneakers.

Sometimes the perfect sneaker can be used for the perfect event. If you are networking and attempting to grow professional or even personally, choose the right shoe and the rest will go smoothly.

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