Choosing the right tile work for your Home

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It is the floor that takes the chunk of the load every day; be it in an office, home or any other private space. They are usually the first ones to experience wear and tear as well. As a result, it is practical enough to invest on quality flooring that will keep pace with the rush of daily life and add a value to the design through the class of its own. The flooring of a home can reflect an ample lot about the house. Be it when you have guests, temporary residents on rent or even when you finally decide to sell your property, the floor and the walls become the basis of your first and lasting impression.

More than hundred options are available in flooring, in the market and that can get over-whelming to non – designers. It is extremely vital to choose the right flooring upfront because the wrong one can cost a lot of money to replace later if the need arises. Tarnishes, scratches, decolouration, damage, etc can be the least of your worries when the flooring of  a home is poorly chosen. One seldom pay the least amount of attention towards the flooring of a place and focus just on its wall and interior finishes. Walls of a home definitely stands as an important factor of consideration as it speaks for the aura a room depicts or a story an owner wishes to tell. However, the flooring and choice of tiling needs to be focussed upon equally for the betterment of maintenance and an added classy finish to your home.  Let us look at the factors that goes into choosing the flooring for your private property:

  • The functionality of the flooring must be clearly defined. For instance, wooden flooring or wood look tiles works the best for living room and it cannot be used in a bathroom for example, because of the warping due to heavy moisture. If your room is such that it will have high – traffic and load on it, then it is better to choose a material which is durable. The floor must also be resistant to water, scratches and stains. 
  • Next, it must be decided whether the flooring will be installed by the owner who provided the property for sale, or a supplier will do the task. Depending on the option chosen, the cost can be impacted. It is suggested to take a few samples of floorings and see the area where it is going to be installed.
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  • Style: Colours must be chosen that complements the mood and match the décor style of the space. As far as businesses are concerned, a good flooring sub – consciously creates a positive effect on the customer which can enable them to come back again for the product / service. If you are looking to develop a calming effect, go for colours that are neutral. For creating a warm effect, dark – wood colour is the best option. For those who would love to have wooden flooring or marble tiles but do not have the budget for the same, can get laminates which provide the same visual effect as wood, and they are usually at less than half the cost. 
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  • A good flooring is also one that is friendly to the environment. For all the eco-friendly keen home owners, it is very important to consider the vast array of flooring options that you have in the environment friendly category. The flooring of every home needs to be in compliance with the weather of the region. Going green is the motive of a lot of modern construction undertakings and although, this might be expensive at the start, it can provide years of great service and endurance. 
  • Before choosing the material for flooring, it is important to judge its maintenance cost and timelines. Everyone likes to have their floors spotless clean, but if you have a space where there are a lot of people or activity happening on it, it is recommended not to go for materials that require regular and high maintenance. 
  • Future plans: If you are unsure about continuing with the current flooring for an extended amount of time, or if you have ideas for the future, then go for laminate flooring as it is easier to replace and the cost of incorporation at the beginning is also less. On the other hand, solid wood flooring is a long – term and lasting investment and would be significantly beneficial in terms of future sales for the property.

So, these are the tips and the importance of flooring. In a nutshell, they give a good impression to people, be it the members of the home, or customers and if the given space is for the latter, then it helps in increasing sales indirectly. A good flooring complemented with a great décor is one that residents and owners must aim for. 

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