How Is The Coronavirus Epidemic Affecting Businesses

day out shopping in the big city

The Coronavirus epidemic certainly made a bang when it had hit China on the week welcoming the Year of the Rat last January. Opposite the rising number of infected people is the decline in operating businesses initially within Asia. But now, across the globe. Initially, working from home seems to be everybody’s answered prayer but entering its 3rd month, people are feeling anxious already. Every country approached the outbreak in different ways, but the ultimate aim was to stop it from spreading through social distancing, travel bans, and working from…

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Choosing the right tile work for your Home

Shopping for tiles

It is the floor that takes the chunk of the load every day; be it in an office, home or any other private space. They are usually the first ones to experience wear and tear as well. As a result, it is practical enough to invest on quality flooring that will keep pace with the rush of daily life and add a value to the design through the class of its own. The flooring of a home can reflect an ample lot about the house. Be it when you have…

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Which Paints to Use for Your Bathroom

dark bathroom with circle mirror

Painting the bathroom can be a good way to spruce it up on a budget. You can give a bathroom a whole new look with new paint, towels to match and a décor plant or nice modern soap dispenser. It can be fun to look at different design and paint trends and let your creative juices flow. One thing that is important to remember Is that when it comes to painting a bathroom you must use mould and mildew resistant paint. Using paint that is resistant to mould will not…

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Time and Cost Investment in Parlours by Customers

Investment and meeting

Unlike charitable organizations, beauty parlours are profit-making ventures. In the U.S, make up salons generate an average of $50,000 every year, and over 90% of this earning comes from customers. Beauty salon professionals attract clients with their skills. Also, the demand for body beautification services is very high. While beauty services continue to evolve, customers might invest more of their resources into this industry. These are ways of improving customers’ investment in the salon business.  Create Social Media Profiles for Marketing The internet provides access for salon entrepreneurs and managers to…

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Types of Outlets Found in a Shopping Centre

shopping mall outlets found retail location

Brands come with a certain prestige, especially if the name suggests quality. In a society where brand names are associated with personal honor, owning a branded commodity or accessing an exclusive service is emotionally rewarding. But does everyone have access to full-priced branded stuff? Obviously not. Manufacturers know that not every person can afford their high class goods. So, how do they give you the satisfaction of purchasing an exclusive? By setting up outlets; those stores that offer end-of-line sales or lower quality branded commodities for a lesser price, intending…

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