Buying Decorations for Hotel Rooms

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Being the primary buyer for a hotel-chain might sound like the dream to some, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Most hotels have many rooms, some of them being completely different from one another. If the hotel you work for has a whole bunch of rooms styled in different ways, it can be hard to keep the interior design on point. I’ve therefore created this little guide with my best tips on how to shop for unique hotel rooms.

Firstly, you need to consider the style of the room. Most hotels have branding guidelines and a specific look that they are going for. Make sure you understand the overall design objectives for the chain. Working for a hotel chain is not the same as working for a small boutique hotel or a unique waterfront accommodation. If you work for a famous hotel chain, people know your brand. They know your hotel. It’s possible that they’ve stayed with you before. Perhaps they do every time they travel. These means that the customers have expectations for their stay. They know what the beds are like and what the breakfast coffee tastes like. It is your job to make sure they have the same experience wherever they go in the world. You need the customers to come and feel like “home”, no matter where the hotel is based.

…but how can you make a customer feel exactly the same in each room or location, and still have a bit of a unique “feel” or design to each room? I’ll tell you how!

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The small things matter most

Most people have a list of demands when booking a hotel room. Usually, it involves things like: balcony, pool, good view, gym or breakfast. Have you ever seen anyone asking for “nice vase” or “purple towels”? I didn’t think so. But those are the comments that hotels get in their feedback! Isn’t it incredible? I had a look at the reviews for a hotel client I worked with and many of the comments were about the interior design, flowers and picture – that made them feel at home. The small things really do matter. So keep that in mind when you go shopping!

Go GLOCAL – Combine the global feel of the chain with the local environment

When you travel to a specific place or culture, you do so because you want to experience that place or culture. You don’t travel to China for it to look and feel just like your hotel in Melbourne! That’s why you need to consider the local treasures and emphasise the local feel to the guests.

One of the best examples I’ve seen is a beautiful luxury accommodation in Hobart, Tasmania. The place was filled with romantic flowers from the grounds nearby, the fridges stocked with Tasmanian wines and the restaurant serving beautiful local cheeses. This is what ‘glocal’ is all about. Warming up the hearts of the guests with items that bring out the culture.

Where to shop

The best place to shop for local goods is…you guessed it! In the local shops. Not only are you then supporting the surrounding communities, but you’re also highlighting the very best of your region at the hotel. This is a practice often much appreciated by both local residents and visitors.

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