Booking the right venue within Melbourne

Venue with seating

Many places offer great areas to book your venues from weddings to engagements to work conferences formal venues and get-togethers.

Here are a few places that work well for holding your next venue:


Most hotels will have a few spaces where you can hold an event. Hotels that are larger will have places like ballrooms, lobbies and restaurants that are available to hire.

Conference centres

There are purpose-built conference centres that are dedicated to offering you a range of spaces from large auditoriums to small boardrooms.

Co-working and business centres

These places have meeting rooms that are available for members to use. There are also social spaces that are suitable for networking events.

Community spaces and halls

The local authorities have areas that can be privately hired, often at subsidised rates. Religious organisations often hire spaces cheaper as well.

Blue chairs arranged

Ways that venues charge

Hire fee

A hire fee will be a fixed price, this may be payable by the day, by the hour or half-day. You will need to check what the hire fee includes. For some places, it is just the cost to hire the space other times it can consist of extras like beverages and food. You will also need to check what equipment is included, such as power and AV equipment if you are hosting a presentation.

Dry hire

If you want to bring your own drinks and food, look for what is called a dry hire event, you will pay a fixed price to hire the space; then you can do what you want. Space is given to you as a blank canvas which means that it won’t come with any equipment or decorations. You will be responsible for supplying all of that yourself at your own cost. You can be paying more for a no strings attached hire.

Package per person

Rather than charging a fee for space, some places will combine it with the cost of catering. If you are having a party or get together, you may need to pay the price per person which will cover the catering staff, the food and the hire fees. Depending on the place, you can pay extra to get things like a DJ, disco lights etc. but this will get determined on what the individual site offers.

Minimum spend

Venues that have a minimum spend don’t charge you a hiring fee for the place. Instead, they will come to a minimum figure that must be spent on food and drinks. You need to look at what is on the menu and their prices to see whether this is an excellent way to go. If the prices are comparable and you believe you can reach the minimum spend threshold, why pay extra to hire a venue? This can be an attractive deal if your guests will be purchasing their drinks, effectively giving you the free venue. If you cannot reach the threshold, you will be expected to make up the shortfall.

You can find information about the venue by researching on the internet or by calling the place themselves and asking the questions. Ensure you have everything covered before making the booking as you may be required to pay a cancellation fee shall you wish to cancel the hire.

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