Best Brands of Pool Cues Available

Cue sports enthusiasts can develop their skills with regular playtimes. What attracts enthusiasts to these games might include a range of reasons. However, having the option of playing your favourite game in both outdoor and indoor environments is an advantage. We can not rule out the importance of consistent practice sessions. It is a strategy for improving your confidence at the billiards table.

Generally, pool cues are similar even when they come in different brands. Enthusiasts should not avoid the mistakes of buying pool table cues for sale without considering the brand’s quality. Let us share what makes some of the best brands.

Choosing the Best Pool Cue Brands

A pool cue product that is durable is easy to identify with the right tips. Apart from brand names, pool cue manufacturers customize their design. The manufacturing process of pool tables and accessories require technology. Without practicing with the best pool table, it will take more time to boost your skills.

As a newcomer to the game, you might not know the difference between cue brands. Also, the cost of investing in a pool cue product might not be something that you want to do frequently. However, smart buyers check customer’s reviews and ratings of these brands. To know the best brand of pool cue products and other billiards accessories, you might need to join some online billiard forum.

Some of the Best Brands

Pool cue manufacturers use specific standards that apply to different grades of products. A quality cue offers an adequate balance that can send the ball into its right pocket. It is important to consider your budget and playing ability before choosing pool cues. After some years of experience, it will be easier to choose brands of pool cues with exceptional qualities.


Pechauer is another American brand of cue maker, and they have been relevant since the 1960s. One of the ways of spotting the best brand is by checking the quality cues. However, Jerry Pechauer’s legacy has been preserved by craftsmen that pay attention to details. Their pool tables and cue sticks are tougher than regular products. Also, they make carbon fibre shaft and normal low deflection shafts for smooth strikes. I will recommend this brand for both amateurs and professionals.


Meucci is a pool cue manufacturer that is consistent with their product designs. Many WPA champions prefer this brand because it has good reviews. This American cue manufacturer uses a variety of polished woods as their trademark. Their pool tables are strong and stable. As premium quality cue makers, Meucci products have been featured in global tournaments. With their exotic designs of carbon fiber shafts, beginners and expert pool players enjoy much control of cue balls. Also, players can apply soft hits with their cue sticks and get maximum accuracy of targets.


The Mcdermott brand has been upgrading their pool cue products for the past four decades. Their quality of craftsmanship is a morale booster for new and old cue players. This American brand increases the speed and accuracy of cue sticks with the latest shaft technology. While professional players like their G-Core Shafts, the I-Shaft features some amazing designs. Many pool champions are ambassadors for this brand.


The Owen-Bunnell pool cue brand is a millennium company that was formed by Royce Brunnel and Don Owen. Their pool cue products have seen many innovations since the startup. Designing and manufacturing pool cues have been one of the favorite activities of these founders. It is easy to spot their brand because it carries the trademark name of ‘OB’ I will recommend cue products from OB for players that need to apply tricky and accurate shots.

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