Bedding options for aged care

Sleep plays a vital part in our wellbeing and our health. Many bedding options are available that are suited for the elderly like adjustable beds. These are designed to make it easier to get in and out and give you a good night’s sleep.

Adjustable beds help to achieve a supported and comfortable position for those in bed, whether you are sleeping or just reading a book in bed. These types of beds also come with a variety of products that help to make getting in and out of bed more comfortable and safer for both the elderly and their carers. 

Sleep better with accessories like a foam overlay or a pressure care mattress designed for those who spend more time in bed due to medical reasons. An air mattress can make it more comfortable for an elderly patient. Most adjustable beds have an alarm system that will alert you when someone is getting out of bed.

 Hi-lo aged care beds

These beds are the most common found in nursing homes. Thanks to the adjustable height and the added features, it makes getting out of the bed for residents safe and secure. Combining all those elements with the style and functionality, hi-lo aged care beds are designed with the varying needs of aged care residents and the facilities in mind. 

The electronic hi-lo bed will reduce the strain suffered by care staff when manual handling the elderly when assisting them out of bed. Safety is a top concern in aged care facilities. This not only includes the staff but also the residents. These beds can be adjusted to a comfortable height for staff when they are washing or tending to the elderly. With simple hand controls, the residents can adjust the bed to make it easier to get out without the risk of a strain or fall.

Floorline aged care beds

Floorline aged care beds offer comfort and safety. The beds can be lowered to 50mm off the floor, which reduces the anxiety of falling out of bed felt by some elderly members. Raising the bed allows for safe transfers and easy access for care staff to provide treatment. Floorline beds come in either single or king-size and are height adjustable with an added optional feature of Trendelenburg which aids in drainage and blood flow. These beds can be folded, so storage will never become an issue. Floorline beds have a safety mat also to prevent the risk of injury if a fall does occur.

Bariatric aged care beds

Bariatric beds are designed to meet the individual needs of residents and staff. This type of mattress allows for a comfortable and safe space for residents who have a weight of up to 350kg. You can choose from two, three or four-function beds, that offer an optimum support and positioning system. The king single allows for the extra weight to ensure that there is plenty of room for the resident to roll over and reduce the occurrence of bedsores. Bariatric beds can get fitted with other bariatric equipment like IV poles, under-bed lighting, and a self-help pole.

As we age, we forget how to do things like how to get out of bed safely. Aged care facilities and those caring for loved ones at home should consider one of these bedding options to ensure people are kept safe while sleeping with a reduced risk of injury. The correct bed can help with falls prevention and minimise the occurrence of slips and serious injury. Having the right bed can help with creating peace of mind for the elderly, their family and carers. It is beneficial for everyone to research and invest in the right option.

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